Construction Cycle One (CC-1) Rigid & Flexible Test Items

Query Dynamic Sensor Data


Dynamic sensors are triggered by movements of the load vehicle.  Therefore, dynamic sensor responses are collected only on days when the load vehicle is in operation.  Dynamic sensor records are available for most passes of the load vehicle on the test items, however some gaps in the data are known to exist.


You may search the following types of dynamic sensor responses:


  • Multi-Depth Deflectometers (responses are reported in thousandths of an inch)
  • Concrete Strain Gages (responses are reported in millistrains.)
  • Pressure Cells (responses are reported in psi.)
  • Asphalt Strain Gauges (responses are reported in millistrains.)
  • Joint Gauges (responses are reported in thousandths of an inch.)


Your initial search will return peak values of sensor responses.  You may then download the full event record for a dynamic sensor by clicking on "Download" in the Sensor Record field.  Sensor records are in the following following format: >


n, t, x1, x2, x3, ... , xn 


Where n is the number of data points in the record and t is the time interval in seconds between data points.  The units of x1, x2, etc., depend on the sensor type as given above.


Warning:  Occasionally a dynamic sensor may stop responding during the course of a traffic test.  This may be due to damage sustained in the pavement or to a variety of other causes.  In this case, the dynamic responses recorded near the end of the gauge life may be unreliable.


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Custom SQL Query

You may query the NAPTF database by using Structured Query Language(SQL). The following resources are provided to help you better understand how to use SQL to query Construction Cycle Data.


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