Construction Cycle 4 (CC4)

Rigid Overlay Test Items

Construction Cycle Four (CC-4) was an initiative of The Innovative Pavement Research Foundation (IPRF), under a Cooperative Agreement with the FAA. It was undertaken to improve the understanding of the influence of design parameters on unbonded concrete overlays of rigid airfield pavements, thus enabling improvement of FAA design methods. CC4 consisted of two separate components.  Select a test below to see detailed information and search the data.


Phase I: CC4 Baseline Test (July - October 2006)

Full-scale test of PCC overlays on new (undamaged) rigid pavements

IPRF 04-02 Final Report.


Phase II: CC4 SCI Validation Test (October - April 2008)

Full-scale test of PCC overlays on damaged rigid pavements.

IPRF 06-03 Final Report.