Noise & Environment

This newly-created research area was established to support the FAA Office of Airport’s (ARP) objective to plan and develop the airport system while protecting and enhancing environmental resources. To accomplish this, Airport Planning and Programming (APP) collaborates with other offices within the FAA, such as the Office of Environment and Energy (AEE). The Airport Noise and Environmental R&D program develops guidance and tools for planning and environmental issues related to airport development and operation and helps to inform policy-making decisions. 

Priority topic areas include: reduce/mitigate noise and air emissions, promote sustainability, enhance analytical capabilities, improve land-use planning, improve safety with better design, conduct comprehensive planning, synthesize data and incorporate new technology.


Goal 1 – Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of APP’s programs and guidance for both planning and environmental issues relating to airport development and operation.

Objective 1.1 – Focus on areas that inform policy decisions and impact airports.


Objective 1.2 – Address technical gaps to provide better tools and resources for planners and environmental protection specialists.


Objective 1.3 – Ensure concepts and ideas for airport development are effectively integrated into the planning process through applications of modern tools and processes.


Objective 1.4 – Accommodate new entrants to the aviation and airport system.


Objective 1.5 – Foster an integrated, collaborative approach to planning, data-driven decision-making, and environmental considerations.


Objective 1.6 – Explore applicability of tools and data used by other FAA organizations and other government entities.


Goal 2 – Inform a sustainable, smart growth strategy for U.S. airports.

Objective 2.1 – Facilitate incorporation of technology, tools, and data in the interest of cost-effective, useful and efficient airport development and operation.


Objective 2.2 – Foster airport sustainability to meet transportation needs while reducing environmental impacts.


Objective 2.3 – Promote development of sustainable airport facilities and operational practices.


Objective 2.4 – Complement ACRP research, which is focused on solutions to problems faced by airport operators.


Objective 2.5 – Leverage opportunities to partner with other agencies in providing relevant research


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