Friday, June 19, 2020

Reflective Crack Propagation Model

DOT/FAA/TC-20/17 Author: Kairat Tuleubekov

Reflective Crack Propagation Model


The Federal Aviation Administration developed a two-dimensional model of its full-scale, indoor-reflection, cracking test equipment located at the National Airport Pavement Test Facility. The model includes two jointed concrete slabs and a continuous hot mix asphalt overlay with a single, preexisting, vertical crack centered on the joint. Energy release rates (ERR) were obtained. Using the model, numerical computations were performed to determine the Mode I ERRs at the crack tip for a series of incremental crack lengths, assuming viscoelastic properties. Plotting those ERR values against the test values of crack propagation rate allowed to calculate Paris’ Law parameters.


Author: Kairat Tuleubekov

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