Future Climate Scenarios for Runway Length: Assessment of Future Temperature and Precipitation Trends

DOT/FAA/TC-21/43 Authors: Annick Dewald and John Hansman

Hybrid Heated Airport Pavements: Volume II—Engineered Superhydrophobic Concrete Surface

DOT/FAA/TC-21/55 Authors Ali Arabzadeh, Therin Young, Halil Ceylan, Sriram Sundararajan, Sunghwan Kim, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, and Alireza Sassani

Development of New Roughness Standards for In-Service Airport Pavement

DOT/FAA/TC-21/39 Authors: Anthony Kuncas and Biqing Sheng

Evaluation of Rosenbauer FIXMIX 2.0E Input-Based Proportioning Test System

DOT/FAA/TC-TN21/47 Author: Jeremy Casey

Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Pavement Performance Modeling

DOT/FAA/TC-21/44 Author: Ali Z. Ashtiani