Infrared Sensors

Infra-red Sensors

The infra-red (IR) sensors are IR emitters and detectors located on opposite sides of the runway. They are used to detect the passage of an aircraft which then triggers the data acquisition system to record data from dynamic sensors. The time differences of triggering of these IR sensors are used to calculate aircraft velocity and positions. IR sensors 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 are perpendicular to the runway centerline and are used to compute the longitudinal position and velocity of the aircraft (under the assumptions that the longitudinal acceleration and lateral position are constant as the aircraft passes through the beams). Sensors 3 and 6 point diagonally across the runway (1 unit longitudinally to 2 units laterally) and are used to compute, in conjunction with the perpendicular sensors signals, the lateral position of the aircraft.


Contact the Project Lead: Dr. David Brill, Airport R&D

Last Update: 05/18/09