Instrumentation Plan

A total of 144 sensors were originally installed in the RCOD test sections. Specifically, the following instrumentation was installed in each RCOD test section (TO and TT):

    • 40 Surface Strain Gauges (SG)
    • 10 Embedded Strain Gauges (EG)
    • 10 Joint Displacement Gauges (JDG)
    • 5 Joint Opening Gauges (JOG)
    • 12 Thermocouples (T)

Several sensors failed during RCOD Phase I trafficking. It was found that all embedded surface strain gauges had failed with the exception of TT34-EG8-3 and TT56-EG8-3. Several surface strain gauges had also failed, but were replaced prior to RCOD Phase II testing.

More detailed information regarding sensor installation, type, and calibration can be found in the previous RCOD Phase I Construction Report.

The As-Built Drawings can be found here.

RCOP2 Img5

RCOP2 Img7

RCOP2 Img8637776131595341409

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