Reflective Cracking Phase 2 Pavement Cross Section As-Built

Pavement Cross Section As-Built 

The RCOD pavement section is 155 feet long by 15 feet wide and consists of two test sections—Temperature Only (TO) and Temperature and Traffic (TT) sections—built with identical pavement structures. The pavement structure included a 3-inch P-401MR HMA overlay, 10 feet by 10 feet by 9-inch thick P-501MR PCC slab, an 8-inch thick P-154MR granular subbase, on a prepared P-152 MR subgrade. All transverse joints in the P-501MR layer were either Type C (Doweled Contraction Joint) or Type D (Undoweled/Dummy Contraction Joint). No stabilized base was used and the HMA overlay was kept relatively thin (3") to accelerate reflective cracking damage in the pavement structure. Additional information can be found in RCOD Phase I Construction Report.

The As-Built Drawings can be found here.

RCOP2 img2

RCOP2 img3

For each test section, each slab and joint had an associated identifier based on its location. From North to South, the slabs were numbered one through six and the joints were labeled as a concatenation of the two slab numbers. For example, the joint between slabs 5 and 6 was labeled joint 56. Similar identification procedure was used for the TO sections as well.

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