Construction Cycle 1 (CC1)

Construction Cycle 1 (CC1) was the first test pavement constructed in the National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF). Construction of CC1 was performed at the same time as the construction of the NAPTF.


The CC1 experiment was performed on both rigid and flexible pavements. CC1 included nine pavement test items; six flexible and three rigid, constructed on three test section between stations (STA) 0+00 and 9+00. Each test section had different subgrade strengths characterized as low (target CBR 4); medium (target CBR 8) and high (target CBR 20). Construction of the test items was completed in May 1999, shortly after the opening of the facility in April 1999.


The primary objectives of CC1 are:


  • Provide full scale test data to support new computer-based thickness design procedures then under development by the FAA.
  • Provide full-scale pavement response and data for use in airplane landing gear design and configuration studies.
  • Provide full-scale test data for re-evaluation of load repetition (alpha) factors used in the CBR method of design for flexible pavements.


Due to the contemporaneous introduction into service of the Boeing B-777 airplane, particular emphasis was placed on determining the level of pavement damage expected from the B-777 airplane (6-wheel landing gear) relative to the B-747 airplane (4-wheel landing gear).


An overview of the CC1 Project can be seen below. For a pdf version of the CC1 Historic Drawings click here.

CC1 Plan View (Click to Zoom)

CC1 Profile View (Click to Zoom)


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Material Characterization


P-501MR Portland Cement Concrete (PCC)

P-154 Subbase and P-209 Base Material

P-306 Cement Stabilized Base (Econocrete)

Hot Mix Asphalt Materials

Pavement Construction/Cross Section

Low Strength Subgrade

Medium Strength Subgrade

High Strength Subgrade

Instrumentation Plan

Low Strength Subgrade

Medium Strength Subgrade

High Strength Subgrade

Painting Plan

Construction Photographs


Traffic Testing

Test Objective

CC1 Traffic Test

Gear Configuration

Pre Trafficking

Full Scale Trafficking

Wander Pattern

Pavement Monitoring

Daily Notes


Results & Analysis

Traffic Test Results & Analysis

Rigid Pavement Traffic Test Results

Flexible Pavement Static Response Test

Flexible Pavement Traffic Test Results

Flexible Pavement Slow-Speed Traffic Test


Post Traffic Test Results & Analysis 


Test Pit



Nondestructive Test Results & Analysis 

Data Collection


Rigid Pavement

Flexible Pavement


Download CC1 - Comprehensive Report

CC1 Test Database



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