HWD Table

The HWD Table provides the information gathered from the Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD).  


HWD test number

Test Item ID

Test section number


Date and time of test (Atlantic City, NJ local time)

Station FT

Station test was taken at in feet

Offset FT

Offset from centerline test was taken at (negative = north, positive = south) in feet

Load LBS

Test load applied by the HWD in pounds

Loc 0-7 IN

Location of sensors 0-7 from the applied load in inches

D 0-7 MILS

Deflection measured at each sensor in mils

Air Temp DEGF

Air temperature as measured by the HWD in degrees F

Pavement Temp DEGF

Pavement temperature as measured by the HWD in degrees F


Additional information on how the test was performed

The CC8 Phase 3 HWD testing was conducted prior to, during and after the traffic tests, encompassing various locations and purposes:

  • Slab Center: HWD tests were carried out at the center of each slab to evaluate the properties of pavement layers throughout the traffic testing.
  • Slab Edge: HWD tests were performed at the longitudinal and transverse joints to quantify joint load transfer efficiency.
  • Slab Corner: HWD tests performed at west corners of each slab to evaluate the conditions of slab support.


The HWD test utilized the FAA KUAB Mode 150 with one sensor under the load plate, one sensor at 12 inches in front of the load plate and six sensors located behind the load plate at 12-inch intervals. At each test location, four drops were applied with a target loading sequence of: 12,000 lbs., 24,000 lbs., and 36,000 lbs. with an approximate 36,000-lb seating load. Figure below shows the HWD drop locations.

CC8 Phase 3 Joint Comparison Test Area HWD Locations


The FAA performed HWD tests for different purposes:

Pre-Traffic HWD Test. This test was carried out to establish reference baselines for monitoring subsequent changes in pavement and support conditions during traffic testing. The baseline test was conducted on 2/8/2018.

Post Seating HWD Test. This test was carried out after the seating load test on 2/27/2018.

Traffic HWD Test. These tests were performed on a weekly basis during traffic testing.

Post Traffic HWD Test. This test was carried out on 8/9/2018 on the north items and on 11/14/2018 on the south items, after the completion of traffic testing.


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HWD Data

1122/27/2018 9:23:38 AM482.5-22.5354550-121224364860728.037.297.326.435.654.814.083.454747EW 4.82,-22
2122/27/2018 9:23:49 AM482.5-22.5124580-121224364860722.612.342.392.071.831.61.381.234747EW 4.82,-22
3122/27/2018 9:23:59 AM482.5-22.5241470-121224364860725.294.754.864.23.743.212.762.394747EW 4.82,-22
4122/27/2018 9:24:13 AM482.5-22.5365290-121224364860728.057.37.346.415.624.834.133.514747EW 4.82,-22
5122/27/2018 9:28:41 AM475.5-22.5360680-1212243648607212.7411.5110.428.376.845.534.443.584747EW 4.75, -22
6122/27/2018 9:28:52 AM475.5-22.5124270-121224364860724.393.943.592.832.321.911.571.324747EW 4.75, -22
7122/27/2018 9:29:01 AM475.5-22.5240720-121224364860728.637.667.065.554.563.763.062.524747EW 4.75, -22
8122/27/2018 9:29:15 AM475.5-22.5364480-1212243648607212.5811.2810.278.256.745.524.53.664747EW 4.75, -22
9112/27/2018 9:31:11 AM474.5-22.5359670-1212243648607212.379.9311.338.947.215.774.693.84747EW 4.75, -22
10112/27/2018 9:31:21 AM474.5-22.5123810-121224364860724.393. 4.75, -22
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