Stationary Test

108/21/201810:53:4211:15:111SF9NSingle Wheel513.1-20 
208/21/201811:35:4211:53:201SF9NSingle Wheel513.1-20Continuation of StationaryEvent 1
308/21/201812:16:1712:53:361SF10NSingle Wheel515.9-20 
408/21/201812:56:3613:19:103SF11NSingle Wheel543.3-20 
508/21/201813:29:3613:45:353SF12NSingle Wheel546-20 
608/21/201813:57:0914:16:095SF13NSingle Wheel583.6-20 
708/21/201814:28:4314:43:065SF14NSingle Wheel585.9-20 
808/21/201814:58:5315:11:177SF15NSingle Wheel623.4-20 
908/21/201815:22:4615:40:327SF16NSingle Wheel626-20 
1008/22/201808:28:0309:01:091SF9NSingle Wheel501-20Conducted on non-instrumented edge
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Stationary Load Table

This table provides information about the various load levels applied in each stationary test event. In each event, the testing began with an initial load of 5,000 lbs, followed by 2,500 lbs load increments. In each increment, the wheel load was applied for approximately 10 seconds and then released.

StationaryLoadID Number assigned to a load level in an event


Test event number


Targeted load magnitude at each load level, in pounds


The average load magnitudes at each load level, in pounds


Average tire pressure at each load level, in psi

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