Airport Safety Papers & Publications

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Evaluation of New Liquid Fire-Extinguishing Agent for Combustible Metal Fires

DOT/FAA/AR-TN06-26 Authors: Keith Bagot & Nicholas Subbotin

Polyurea Paint Marking Material Study

DOT/FAA/AR-TN06-46 Author: Holly Cyrus

Polyester Marking Material Study

DOT/FAA/AR-TN06-33 Author: Holly Cyrus

Installation Criteria for Taxiway Centerline Lights

DOT/FAA/AR-TN06/6 Authors: James W. Patterson

Evaluation of Quad-Agent Small Firefighting System

DOT/FAA/AR-TN06/13 Authors: Keith Bagot & Nick Subbotin

High-Reach Extendible Turrets With Skin Penetrating Nozzle

DOT/FAA/AR-05/53 Authors: Keith Bagot & Nicholas Subbotin

Development of Obstruction Lighting Standards for Wind Turbine Farms

DOT/FAA/AR-TN05-50 Authors: James W. Patterson

Alternating Yellow and Green Taxiway Centerline as a Runway Safety Enhancement

DOT/FAA/AR-TN05-51 Authors: James W. Patterson

Adsil Glass Coating Study

DOT/FAA/AR-TN05-43 Author: Holly Cyrus

Design and Installation of Flasher Baffles at the Arcata/Eureka Airport

DOT/FAA/AR-TN05-41 Authors: James W. Patterson