Airport Safety Papers & Publications

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Identification of Exit Taxiways (Retroreflective Markers Only)

DOT/FAA/CT-85/5 Author: Larry W. Hackler

Marking and Lighting of Unpaved Runways - Inservice Testing

DOT/FAA/CT-84/11 Authors: Guy S. Brown, Victor F. Dosch

JAA Airport Lighting System Requirements Simulator Evaluation

DOT/FAA/AR-TN95/113 Author: Eric S. Katz

Color - Coded Taxiway Lighting System Evaluation

DOT/FAA/CT-TN86/38 Authors: Thomas H. Paprocki

Full-Scale Evaluation of Novec™ 1230

DOT/FAA/TC-19/27 Author: Casey, Jeremy

Evaluation of Input-Based Foam Proportioner Testing Systems

DOT/FAA/TC-19/26 Authors: Jeremy Casey and Daniel Trazzi

Surface Marking Durability Study: Phase I

DOT/FAA/TC-19/19 Authors: Holly Cyrus, Joe Healey, Sam Guy, Jim White

Runway Incursion Mitigation Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Summary Report

DOT/FAA/TC-19/9 Authors:Vitagliano, Lauren; Debban, Steven; Healey, Joseph

Electroluminescent Lighting Technology for Use on Airport Vehicle Numbers

DOT/FAA/TC-19/1 Authors: White, James; Healy, Joe; and Subbotin, Nicholas

Performance Assessment of the Terma X-Band Obstruction Light Control System as an Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS)

DOT/FAA/TC-TN16/41 Authors: James Patterson, Jr. and Garrison Canter