Airport Safety Papers & Publications

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Artificial Turf and Gopher Tortoises at Orlando Sanford International Airport

DOT/FAA/TC-15/61 Authors: Ryan King, Lauren (Vitagliano) Collins, and John R. Weller

Wildlife Surveillance Concept — Avian Radar Knowledge Elicitation Activity 1

DOT/FAA/TC-16-28 Authors: Mark Hale and Anton Koros

Evaluation of Enhanced Visual Cues for Runway Approach and Runway Safety Areas

DOT/FAA/TC-16/26 Authors: Garrison Canter and Jennifer Klass, A.A.E.

Development and Evaluation of Safety Orange Airport Construction Signage

DOT/FAA/TC-15/52 Authors: Robert Bassey, Jennifer Klass, A.A.E, and Garrison Canter

Deployment and Assessment of Avian Radar Systems at John F. Kennedy International Airport

DOT/FAA/TC-15/53 Authors: Edwin E. Herricks and Elizabeth Woodworth

Evaluation of Structured Methyl Methacrylate Marking to Increase Paint Conspicuity

DOT/FAA/TC-TN15/50 Authors: Holly M. Cyrus and James Patterson, Jr.

Performance Assessment of the Laufer Wind Aircraft Detection System as an Aircraft Detection Lighting System

DOT/FAA/TC-TN15/54 Author: James Patterson, Jr.

Development of an Intermediate-Scale Test Method for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Firefighting Agents to Suppress Aircraft Skin Composite Fires

DOT/FAA/TC-15/31 Authors: Joshua B. Dinaburg, Christopher L. Mealy, Joseph L. Scheffey, and Gerard G. Back

Brightness/Luminous Intensity Values for Blue, White, and Green Aviation Signal Lights Using Light-Emitting Diodes

DOT/FAA/TC-TN15/32 Authors: J.D. Bullough, Z. Yuan, and M.S. Rea, and Donald W Gallagher

Overview of the Taxiway Centerline Deviation Study at Airplane Design Group III Airports

DOT/FAA/TC-15/18 Authors: Michael L. DiPilato and Lauren Vitagliano