Airport Safety Papers & Publications

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Performance Assessment of the Laufer X-Band Wind Aircraft Detection System as an Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS)

DOT/FAA/TC-TN15/54 Author: James Patterson, Jr.

Performance Assessment of the Vestas InteliLight™ X-Band System as an Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS)

DOT/FAA/TC-18/22 Authors:James Patterson Jr., and Garrison Canter

Performance Assessment of the DeTect™ HARRIER® X-Band Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS)

DOT/FAA/TC-TN17/58 Authors: James Patterson, Jr. and Garrison Canter

Evaluation of Franklin Paint® Structured Methyl Methacrylate Markings at Laurence G. Hanscom Field and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

DOT/FAA/TC-18/20 Author: Holly Cyrus

Development of Engineered Materials Arresting Systems From 1994 Through 2003

DOT/FAA/TC-18/18 Authors: James White and Nicholas Subbotin

Investigation of ASTM E966 Adjustment Factors

DOT/FAA/TC-18/15 Authors: Sharp, Ben H.; Cox, J. Eric; Zheng, Z.C.

Problematic Taxiway Geometry Study Overview

DOT/FAA/TC-18/2 Authors: Lauren Vitagliano, Garrison Canter, and Rachel Aland

Development of Infrared Specifications for Night Vision Goggle-Compatible Light- Emitting Diode L-810 and L-864 Obstruction Light Fixture

DOT/FAA/TC-17/69 Authers: Canter, Garrison; Freyssinier, Jean Paul; DiPilato, Michael; Gallagher, Donald

Elevated Runway Edge Light Fixture Intensity Measurement

DOT/FAA/TC-TN17/51 Author: Donald W. Gallagher

Effective Intensity of Multiple-Pulse Flashing Signal Lights

DOT/FAA/TC-17/49 Authors: Bullough, J.D, Skinner, N.P., and Taranta, R.